Baby Name Embroidery 

Each piece is unique and based on the name and dates given to me by the customer. I hand embroider the name on a piece of cotton that has been dyed and stretched on a square frame. I use french knots, satin stitch etc to create a design that suits the particular name. I can adapt the piece to suit the story or meaning behind the name.





Baby Name Embroidery

  • The embroidered name piece is stretched on a (20cm by 20cm) wooden frame. The piece is then placed inside a custom made wooden and glass white box frame (30cm by 30cm). The frame can be easily hung with an adjustable hook attached to the back. 

  • If you decide to order a customised embroidery piece please fill in the custom details section below with your request. Include the name, date,colours and any other details you would like.

         Please allow at least two weeks for delivery. Postage is included in the price.

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