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 The You're a Star Lantern makes a  great gift for that special person. Each star is stamped with a special wish or message chosen by yourself. 

      The lantern is handmade from slabs of clay and decorated with star shaped Christmas wishes. You can light a candle inside the piece and enjoy the suffused light it emits. This design can be ordered in green or red.


Each tree is unique and makes a beautiful Christmas gift to enjoy for years and pass on to the next generation!!  I hope my Christmas Tree Lantern will fill your home with light and that all the wishes it contains come true!

      As each piece is handmade especially for you make sure to order on time to avoid disappointment.

You're a Star Lantern

  • Each Lantern is approx 30cm in height and 14cm in diameter. The outside surface will become hot when a candle is lit inside. A circle of felt is attached to the base to prevent scratching delicate surfaces.

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