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A tree sacred to the fairy folk serving as a gateway between worlds. A hawthorn that stands alone in the middle of a field can never be cut down as this will bring bad luck. Left alone it brings good luck but according to folklore you mustn’t bring hawthorn flowers indoors.

Hawthorn’s blossom in early spring is joyous and fragrant announcing regrowth and creating a beautiful display in the hedgerows of Ireland. In autumn its beautiful red berries announce the start of the ancient Gaelic new year ag Halloween.


This is one of Anita’s favourite trees. She often played imaginary games with her cousins under the branches of two hawthorn trees on her grandfather’s farm.


Your lantern has been crafted using handpicked leaves from Anita’s garden in Co. Meath. Each leaf has been carefully imprinted into the clay, creating a unique design just for you. 


Hawthorn will bring you close to nature and bring you good luck.


 Your lantern comes with a bilingual information card explaining the folklore of your tree and is posted in a recyclable cardboard box. It is created in earthenware and you can light a candle inside. Be careful however as it  may become hot to touch.

Lantern Sceach Gheal - Hawthorn


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